FC “Daugavpils” unexpectedly but likely won 25 Round match of Optibet Virsliga, who in an away match overplayed FC “Liepaja” for the second time this season with the result 2:1. The Nigerian football player Namdi Chinoso Ofor shined twice in the match in favour of the guests. At the beginning of the match Liepaja earned the majority of corner kicks, however these standard situations Daugavpils managed to clear up and consequently started transition from defence to attack. As the result of such attack the guests themselves got corner kicks, one of which was really dangerous when Kaspars Kokins’s ball was turned away by Valentins Ralkevics. Though just in another attack after the cross pass of the partner the Nigerian legionnaire Ofort of Daugavpils scored 1:0 . Moreover that goal did not revitalize Liepaja’s football players, so Daugavpils pressed the second attack, which in the 29th minute resulted in the second goal. After another corner kick of Valerijs Afanasjevs the ball had been passed to another Daugavpils football player, and then Ofors headed the ball in the far right corner of the Liepaja gates – 2:0 “Daugavpils”. The home players had the most dangerous moment in the 31th minute when Leonels Strumia from the far distance hit the post. The ball took off from the post to Vugars Askerovs who headed the ball into the gates of Daugavpils, however he was in off-side position. Even the half-time did not bring many changes to the unspectacular performance of the home players. Quite the opposite, during the beginning of the second half Daugavpils were very close to score 3:0, but Liepaja could escape that thanks to Kokins who from the close position overshot the gates of home players. However at the other part of the field almost the only one active player Amancio Jose Pinto Fortes, who made almost the only one dangerous moment when Daugavpils goalkeeper Danilo Kuchers saved the team as the ball flew over gates. At the end of the match Liepaja managed to score when after fight in front of Daugavpils defensive wall Kristers Chudars showed off and scored 1:2. Despite of that the victory of the guests was not at risk so much as Daugavpils came back home again with three points. What is important is that Daugavpils overplayed Liepaja in all three matches, gaining last victory with the score 1:0 at home match on June 1st which also was the last victory of the team in Virsliga. “Liepāja” – “Daugavpils” 1:2 (0:2) Goals: Chudars 89` – Ofors 17`, 29` Cautions: Askerovs 56`, Zhulevs 58`, Ivanovs 61`, Kamara 87`, Viļumsons 87` – Akintola 43` Liepāja: Ralkevich – Spataru, Kanute, Kigurs (Vilumsons 56`), Fortes, Ivanovs, Jurkovskis (Chudars 18`), Strumija, Zhulevs, Ilario (Fraidejs 56`), Askerovs. Daugavpils: Kuchers – Afanasjevs (Kovalovs 86`), Iljins, Toņiševs, Jangs, Cucurs, Kokins (Regzha 60`), Greks, Akintola, Sokolovs, Ofors. Main referee: Mareks Kere sportacentrs.com photo: Martins Silis