Optibet football Virsliga 19th round Liepaja guided by Alexander Starkovs won vice leader of Tournament RFS 2:1. The first goal of the season scored 18 year old Latvian National team player Kristers Tobers. In the beginning of the match Liepaja started with attack, made some corners, but did not make a lot of dangerous moments. Game 9th minute first goal scoaring atend from RFS was from free kick . Tomass Simkovic made cross into penalty area , Where Tomass Malec scored his goald with a head. After the result became 1:0 Liepaja kept going forward , but goal came when nobodu expected . Kristers Tobers gone into opponents penalty area and shoot from the sharp angle made result become 1:1.before the goal Tomass Simkovic made a foul on Seydina Keyta and taken yellow card, In the first half of the match, the biggest loser was Robert Savalnieks , who had wo hundred percent chances to score the goal , . After reaching the half-hour limit, the RFS did not realise two great crosses. First Vitali Jagodinsky beat the ball overt he gates with his head, but one and a half minutes later Gļebs Kļuškins shoot over Valentin Railkevics. Savalnieks had third chance to score the goal but Lionel Strumia do not let him to score his first goal in this game.Simkovics made dangerous from the free kick but ball gone few centimiters over the goalies . First half ended with result 1:1. At the beginning of the second half-time, Dodo made a dangerous pass along the gate, but the Friday was in offside still failed to reach the ball. The housemates regularly ended up with standard situations, while Shimkovic continued to perform various kinds of crosses . But none of the players in the penalty area managed to change the balls direction so it found its way in the gate. Overall, for a long time in the second part of the game, the goalkeepers didn’t have to get involved in the game . In the 84 th minute of the match, an excellent pass passed through thegate to Martins Kigurs , who found Danu Spataru in the penalty area , who hahas gone to the front post . The Romanian striker hit the ball with his head across the goal post, but the rebounding ball hit goalkeepers and flew to the goalies, result became 2: 1 in favour of the Kurzeme team. But in the second minute of the compensation time, RFS came close to offsetting the result. After Shimkovich’s centering, the blow of Nauris Bulvitis was repelled by Railkevics. Accordingly, “Liepaja” held a minimal predominance and won with 2: 1, approaching the fourth-place valiants up to a one-point distance.