Liepaja’s loss against Valmiera Glass/Via 1:2
In the presence of Head Coach of Latvia National Optibet Virsliga team Slaviss Stojanovics the team Valmiera Glass/ViA trained by Tamaz Pertija overplayed Liepaja with 2:1 and outranked Liepaja in the tournament table. Valmiera player Eriks Punculs scored the winning goal.
For the match of Valmiera Glass/ViA vs Liepaja a Swedish referee team headed by Joni Hītija was assigned. Centre back Leo Leliss could not help Valmiera, which is why he was substituted by Olaide Badums, and for the first time a Portuguese player Georginio performed. However, Liepaja, in comparison with the last match, replaced Kristers Tobers by Vugars Askerovs in the first team.
In second minute of the match after cross pass of Valmiera, Valentins Ralkevics almost got into his own gates, although, in spite of the objections of Vamiera fans, the gates were not scored. The guests had the chance to score in the fourth minute, when Keita tried to kick the ball into the gates from the penalty area, but Vladislavs Lazarevs caught the ball. Until 15th minute of the match Liepaja had more lead and had a lot of standard positions. Valmiera’s defence managed to block lots of dangerous kicks. Valmiera had a good opportunity when Georginio broke against Ralkevics, but the goalkeeper of the guests managed to kick off the ball and then Toluvalas Arokodare repeatedly kicked the ball high above the field fence.
In the 25th minute of the match Valmiera made a counter attack when in second wave of attack Georginio from the penalty area line made a kick that Ralkevics could not catch and that way opening the scoring and put Valmiera in the lead with 1:0. By doing so Portuguese player already in his second game managed to score in Virsliga. Georginio marked the goal by running up to the fans and pointing at his name on the t-shirt in order to introduce himself to Valmiera fans.
After the trainees of Aleksandrs Starkovs had been losing, they tried to even up the score, though they could not get at good enough positions to make a kick before the end of first half. The best opportunity to equal the score had Arokodare who slightly missed the gates. Moreover right at the end of first half the attacks of Liepaja were really dangerous. Martins Kigurs made a strong kick wide of goal, but during the extended time from a close range missed even Askerovs. So the team went for a break with 1:0 score.
During the second half within 9 seconds the referee showed Eriks Punculs yellow card. Before that the referee made penalties for another two players of Liepaja.
In the 57th minute of the match Valmiera Glass/ViA made an attack, when Punculs broke into the penalty area from right side of the field. Punculs made a kick through the screen of the back and scored for the third time in Virsliga, which resulted in 2:0 in favour of Valmiera. However the 2 goals ahead score Valmiera could not keep. Liepaja had a penalty kick from the right side of the field and Vugars Askerovs in a crowd of players found the net. The ball was in the gates guarded by Lazarevs for the first time and the result decreased by one goal – 2:1 in favour of Valmiera.
Aleksandrs Starkovs all his changes made before the 72th minute of the match, allowing local young players Ugis Vilumsons and Kristers Tobers to play. However Pertija made his first change in the 75th minute by replaced Punculs who scored and Georginio with Marcis Erglis and Hektors Pasifiks. 10 minutes before the end of the match Vilumsons who was about to be replaced had a nice opportunity to equal the score, however the young front man did not manage to reach the sharp pass and that was a miss. In the 85th minute Dodo could score as well, but his kick stopped in the crowd of players right at the gates.
A minute before the end of regular time Tobers could reach share of the points, though the ball was high above the gates. The extended time lasted four minūtes when Liepaja had the opportunity to save the game and get the point and leave Valmiera behind in the tournament table. During the extended time Tobers could not control himself who after the missed pass pushed Madis Mikelsons, though the match referee did not show him a card for this. To the ringing of end signal of the match Valmiera Glass/ViA were celebrating the victory scoring 2:1 and outranked „Liepaja” in the tournament table.
“Valmiera Glass/ViA” – “Liepāja” 2:1 (1:0)
Goals: Georginio 25′ Punculs 57′ – Askerovs 59′
Warnings: Punculs, Georginio, Bogdaskins – Jurkovskis, Keita
Valmiera: Lazarevs, Kārkliņš, Apija, Badums, Miķelsons, Grjaznovs, Bogdaškins, Nakamura (Helovani 79′), Punculs (Ērglis 75′), Arokodare, Žoržinju (Pasifiks 76′).
Liepāja: Raļkevičs, Žuļevs, Ivanovs, Keita, Jurkovskis, Fortešs, Ķigurs (Tobers 72′), Strumia, Askerovs (Viļumsons 72′), Dodo, Fraidejs (Toress 60′).
Main Referee: Joni Hītija (Somija)
Photo : Mārtiņš Sīlis